It’s the summit that drives us….

Sam Gotzheim, For Reach4thealps

28th July 2020

It’s the summit that drives us….but it’s sharing the experience with friends and family that really matters.

As life in France returns back to something close to normal, we are taking the necessary precautions and keeping our social distancing regimes in place. Which actually isn’t too difficult here, especially when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors here in Morzine  So we’ve put together a few ideas of ways to explore the mountains we’d like to share with you.


For the Hikers :
There is something for everyone when it comes to hiking in the mountains. Just because you’re staying on a mountain, does not mean you have to walk up them all week.
We’ve gentle strolls along the river base, following the River Dranse towards Lac Leman, Geneva. A lovely gentle riverside walk amongst the trees, past the Riding stables, paddocks of horses, with a play area and picnic spots beside the tranquil clean mountain water. Perfect for the littlest feet up to the gentlest wanderers.

Then there’s a wonderful walk along the Mont Chery ridge, overlooking Les Gets and further into the distance the wonderful Mont Blanc. Best to do this on a clear day to make the most of the views. The walk starts at Mont Caly and stretches right along the ridge on either lower or higher paths. There’s a superb restaurant (Les Chevrelles) by the Mont Caly carpark and the views are simply breath-taking. Table reservations recommended, and it’s an unforgettable sight. Good for families of mixed ages, good for ‘walking n talking’ and great for dogs needing to be off the lead.

And for those needing to get the heart racing a little more, there’s Lindarets bowl to Brochaux waterfall – Easy – Medium walking with a few challenging areas on the descent.  The nicest route can be found by following a path that follows the river from the starting at the bottom of the Léchère chairlift at Lindarets and leads you up to the waterfall. There are great spots for lunch at Lindarets bowl, or even the famous Goat village or simply wander back down to Lac Montriond for more cafes and restaurants.

Nyon, Nantaux and Ressachaux ( do all three to have completed the Morzine 3 peak challenge) are for the serious hikers, particularly intended for lovers of steep, challenging climbs where you will be rewarded with the most amazing views. Make sure you pack enough food and plenty of water and definitley take poles, the downhill is grueling!  All 3 mountains are over  2,000m in altitude.

And there are many more routes to offer, too many to mention but this is a small taster of some of our favourites.

Morzine and Avoriaz in winter

Young Amelie on the summit of Nantaux

For the Riders :

When it comes to the pedals, there’s an abundance of marked DH tracks, freerides and cross country trails. It’s advisable to obtain your lift pass so you and your bike can be taken up by chairlift so you can just enjoy the descents, as opposed to worrying about climbing with the pedals. Trail maps can be picked up from the Lift Pass offices. There are even dedicated e-bike routes here too. A great way to explore with help from a quick flick of a button.

For the road bikers amongst you, then you are in good hands here with Reach for the Alps. Both Gina and Marcus have completed the Etape and have an extensive knowledge of fabulous rides in the area. For those who have arrived without your trusty bikes, there are plenty of places in town that hire excellent quality bikes out on a daily or weekly basis.

Morzine and Avoriaz in winter

Mountain bikers in Les Gets

For the Flyers :

For those wanting that extra height, then parapenting is an amazing experience and one of the most exhilarating experiences here in Morzine. Whilst you personally don’t need to climb the mountain to get to the ‘take off’ you will definitely feel complete once you’ve finished the ‘landing’. There are a number of companies in Morzine and Les Gets that offer tandem jumps and this is something to add to your TO DO list, on a ‘not so windy’ day!

Morzine and Avoriaz in winter

Flying high above Morzine

For the Rock Facers:

Here in Morzine, there are a number of crags to climb.

For those who are new to it and would like to give it a try, then there are experienced guides that we can put you in touch with. They’ll be there to talk you through each climb are there to help you into the harnesses, talk you through the ropes and will guide your every move.

And for those who’ve come away with their own equipment, the most popular crag local to Morzine is known to locals as The Elephant Head. This is graded as 4 to 8 (French grading) and there are a number of routes to be taken on this climb.

A local Guidebook can be purchased at the bookstore in town and the Tourist Office also have information.

For more sound advice and information we’ve attached a link here for you to contact:

Morzine and Avoriaz in winter

Amelie at elephant rock

For the adrenaline seakers:

For those seeking the challenge of a Via Ferrata, then we’ve attached a couple here for you to start with.

Location : Vallée D’Abondance
Name : Via Ferrata des Saix de Miolène
STARTING ALTITUDE:  1030 meters                          ARRIVAL ALTITUDE:     1325 meters
DIFFICULTY :     3 sections: AD + – TD – TD                  LENGTH:           900 meters

Link with helpful instructions:

Location : Sixt Fer à Cheval
Name: Via ferrata du Mont
STARTING ALTITUDE:  765 meters                            ARRIVAL ALTITUDE:     900 meters
DIFFICULTY :     AD / D                                                 LENGTH:           800 meters

Link with helpful instructions:

Morzine and Avoriaz in winter

Gina & Marcus tackling Via Ferrata

And… For those happy to ‘Watch the Bags’:

One of our favourite locations, where there’s an abundance of fun for all members of the family is at Lac Bernex (Plage Beunaz) where you will discover an activity park located around a lake, and bursting with water based fun. From gentle pedal boats to raucous zip lining into the lake, then this is definitely a place to pack up the picnic and head out for the day.

So with that lot to feast your appetite, all you really need to remember right now, is to pack those brave pants and we’ll ‘See you Up There’

Morzine and Avoriaz in winter

Plage Beunaz

So there is something for everyone!

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